Nissan Electric Vehicles 

Nissan Electric Vehicles For Sale in Peoria

If you are looking to save money and get a car with better fuel economy next time you buy a vehicle, we encourage you to consider an electric vehicle from Nissan. Nissan has two exceptional electric cars currently on the market, which are the Leaf and the Ariya. The Ariya is the newest and largest of Nissan's electric vehicles. At the same time, the sensible Leaf has everything you need for a comfortable ride, regardless of whether you're running errands in town or going on a more extended excursion. The Leaf is even available with a choice of two batteries to meet your power and performance needs.

Which Nissan models are available in electric?

Currently, Nissan's electric vehicle selection includes the four-door Leaf and the Ariya, a comfortable and classy SUV. The Leaf first hit the market over ten years ago. Since then, it has improved in its mechanical design to provide an even better fuel economy. The Nissan Leaf has several notable features in its cabin and under its hood. Two batteries are available with the Leaf. The smaller battery is paired with a 147 HP engine to provide 150 miles of range. The larger 60 kWh battery pairs with a more powerful engine to create more than 225 miles in range. The Nissan Ariya is a newer SUV with 300 miles of range. It has a minimalist and sophisticated interior design with a glass touchscreen interface. The Ariya also features an innovative hybrid powertrain.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

An electric vehicle uses only electric power to drive your car. Hybrid vehicles get their energy from a gasoline engine and an electric motor. Plug-in hybrid vehicles can use gasoline or electricity.

How far can Nissan electric models go?

With the smallest Nissan Leaf battery, you can get up to 150 miles of range, extended to 226 miles of range with the Leaf Plus battery. The Ariya will travel up to 300 miles with electric power.

How long does it take to charge an electric Nissan car?

The Nissan's battery can be 80% recharged under an hour or fully charged in 10 hours at home.

Do Nissan electric vehicles have towing capacity?

You will get a maximum tow rating of 1,500 pounds with the Nissan Ariya.

How can I learn more about Nissan electric vehicles?

Additional information about Nissan's electric cars is available at our dealership. Contact our staff for full details on your favorite model.