Nissan LEAF Infographic: Watts Making Cents?

Nissan LEAF Infographic Blog: Watts Making Cents?

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Nissan LEAF Infographic: Watts Making Cents?

Going electric makes sense in so many ways. From saving money at the pump to getting an immediate return on investment via EV tax credits, owners of zero-emissions vehicles benefit from huge short- and long-term savings. In the Nissan infographic above, you'll get details about hybrid and electric car tax credits and find out just how big yearly gas savings are when you drive an electric vehicle.

To share this infographic simply copy the embed code above and post it onto your blog or website. You can also share the link to this page on your Facebook or Twitter account. We'd love to hear what you think about our graphic, so also please take a moment to share your thoughts on the Peoria Nissan Facebook page. If you live in Arizona and are interested in purchasing a new or used Nissan LEAF for sale in the Phoenix area, please contact us for information about current inventory or view our car listings online.

Nissan LEAF range and price are also included in our infographic and both are factors that make the LEAF an excellent purchase. While its MSRP is higher than the competing Toyota Prius, shoppers can take advantage of a $7,500 electric car tax credit which immediately brings down the base price. Nissan LEAF costs over time are also much lower than the Prius; since hybrids still rely on gas, their owners are at the mercy of fluctuating fuel prices, while LEAF owners simply plug in.

After checking out our new infographic, feel free to read the 2013 Nissan LEAF review in our research gallery. You'll find information about Nissan LEAF price, range, cabin features, safety technologies, warranties, available colors and much more. For details about how to sign up for an electric car tax credit in Arizona, please contact us today and we'll assist you with getting back what you are due.

Arizona drivers can find the Nissan LEAF for sale near Phoenix, just off W Bell Rd and N 91st Ave; we offer one of the largest selections in the area. Contact us today to learn about current local and national incentives that, in addition to an electric car tax credit, can help you save big when you purchase or lease this award-winning zero-emissions vehicle. When choosing a Phoenix Nissan dealer, keep Peoria Nissan in mind. We're just a short trip away and worth the drive when you consider how much you could save on your next vehicle purchase!

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