2020 Nissan  Rouge Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Nissan Rouge?

The Rogue's reputation keeps people riveted to its style. It's a popular Top Safety Pick every year and was re-invented into any even flashier SUV crossover. Keeping your Rogue running like the athletic SUV means keeping up with your Nissan Rogue service intervals. Oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups aren't the only parts of your Nissan Rogue maintenance schedule. There's much to keep up with. Always be sure to read through your service manual to get specific service schedules. Models and trims vary greatly.

10,000-Mile Service

Around 10,000 miles, it's time for a convenient engine oil and filter change. Your oil change will be one of your most important rituals, but it's not the only thing you need to do to secure continuing greatness from the Rogue. For example, inspections of your brake lines and cables, CVT fluids (for belt-centric designs), and brake pads and rotors are equally important. The brake pads are the components that press down on the rotors and bring your wheels to a halt. They need to be in excellent condition for optimal braking performance.

20,000-Mile Service

Our team will perform many inspections at this stage. We'll inspect your EVAP vapor lines, depending on your trim. EVAP systems are state of the art in that they keep your fuel system fuels from leaking out into the world and polluting the atmosphere. Brake fluid changes are vital here, too. Other inspections might include another inspection of brake pads and rotors, both of which can wear out at varying times.

60,000-Mile Service

New necessary inspections are performed at 60,000 miles. Your drive belt - a reinforced rubber belt that provides power to some of your most important vehicle parts - is inspected here. Your in-cabin microfilter, a good Samaritan that removes allergens from your cabin, needs to be inspected at this stage to make sure it's doing its job. Your Nissan Intelligent key battery might also need to be replaced.

100,000-Mile Service

You've made many memories in the last 100,000 miles, and now our professionals need to inspect many components and even replace some. For example, brake fluid and CVT fluid frequently needs to be replenished on your Rogue's 100,000-mile birthday. Inspections include the ever-important exhaust system and propeller shaft.

Your Rogue wants to stay healthy. Help it to do just that by reading your service manual or contacting our team for more information about service intervals.


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