Want to learn how to protect yourself from being surprised by a dead car battery? Watch our helpful battery service video!

Replacing a car battery is something we all have to do at one point or another, which means it's pretty important for Nissan owners to be experts in battery care and maintenance. Not only should drivers be aware of the signs and symptoms of battery failure, but also the various factors that determine battery health and longevity.

Signs Your Car Battery Needs Replacing

Aside from your vehicle not starting, there are several ways to tell if your battery is on the verge of failure. It's important to always be on the lookout for these signs so that you can schedule car battery replacement near me before it's too late!

The signs your car battery needs replacing include:

  • Engine is slow to turn over
  • Battery voltage is low even after recharge
  • Battery case is bloated or swollen
  • Battery terminals are dirty or corroded
  • Battery warning light has come on

Preserving Car Battery Life in Phoenix

Old Car Battery with Jumper Cables You don't have to be an Arizona native to know how difficult the summer heat can be on vehicles, particularly batteries. In fact, the estimated lifespan of a car battery in Peoria is around two years, although extreme heat can cause battery failure to strike at any time.

Luckily, there are ways that drivers can help to extend the lifespan of their new Nissan battery! By adopting these habits, you can better shield yourself from premature battery failure:

  • Schedule routine battery service in Peoria
    During an appointment at our battery store near Phoenix, our service technicians will test your battery's voltage and recharge it if necessary, then clean and apply protectant to it. We'll also check the car battery installation to make sure it's tightly fastened. The result is a happy, healthy battery that is better prepared for the road ahead.
  • Keep your car cool and out of direct sunlight
    Whether you're at home or out and about, park your car in shaded or covered parking whenever possible. While it may not always be the most convenient spot, it will help keep the temperature of your vehicle down.
  • Cut down on battery-draining driving habits
    Do you routinely take short trips under 20 minutes? Do you frequently idle? These behaviors could be negatively affecting your battery by causing it to drain faster than it's being recharged. The solution? Plan your trips accordingly!
  • Avoid letting your car sit for extended periods of time
    Even when your vehicle is turned off, your battery continues to power several accessories, such as the clock and alarm system. That means it's imperative to drive your car often, at least once a week, in order to recharge the battery.

Make Us Your Go-To for Car Battery Replacement & Service in Peoria

Need a new Nissan battery in Peoria? Visit the automotive experts at Peoria Nissan! We'll help you find the right size and voltage for your vehicle, regardless of the make and model. Plus, we'll even help you with the car battery installation, making car battery replacement near me a quick and painless experience.


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