Nissan Z Racing Concept for Fuji 24-Hour Race Unveiled  

In preparation for the Fuji 24-Hour race, Nissan has just introduced two new concept cars.

They represent a departure from the typical "Z" racing car. Both concepts are designed for high performance. The new concepts also emphasize fuel efficiency and sustainability.

Two Nissan Z Racing Concepts

Nissan has unveiled two new racing concepts that will be taking part in the Fuji 24-hour endurance race. The first concept car is the 230 is driven by the Nismo team and has a CNF-compatible powertrain. The second concept car is the 244, which has a gasoline engine. The Max Racing Team will be racing this car.

The unveiling of the two racing concepts aligns with Nissan's commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by the fiscal year 2050. Nissan has been working on developing technologies that will help it achieve its goal. The company has also been working on electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

The CNF is a system that uses carbon nanofiber and carbon fiber. The materials are lighter than aluminum and steel. The powertrain has an electric motor, a battery, and a control unit.

Nissan is the first and only Japanese manufacturer to join the Formula E World Championship. The company has been working on electric vehicles for a long time. It has also been working on autonomous driving. The company aims to make zero-emission mobility a reality.

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