Summer Maintenance Tips  

Most people spend a lot more time driving and getting around in the summer because of the beautiful weather outside. If you want to avoid issues on the road, you'll need to maintain your vehicle before you start traveling and traveling long-distance. Our dealership in Peoria will perform all the maintenance you need to ensure you have a memorable summer without any mechanical issues.

Change the Oil

Changing your car's oil is what mechanics recommend doing before spending a lot of time driving in the car. This will keep the engine healthy and will also allow all the parts to stay lubricated to prevent them from grinding against each other. New oil will also flow a lot better in the engine in warm conditions. Replacing the oil filter will also help the oil flow better and stay clean.

Install New Tires

Rotate your tires to ensure they have even wear and maintain proper traction on the road. If you notice they're bald, it's important to have a mechanic replace them to help you stay safe as you get around. You'll also need to inflate the tires to the proper level to ensure you get better gas mileage and don't suffer from a blown tire as the car is driving at high speed.

Replace the Fluids

The different fluids present in the car need to be topped off and replaced to avoid potential issues. Start by looking at the coolant and adding more of it to help the car stay cool when it operates for long periods of time in the heat. The steering fluid and transmission fluid also need to be replaced. You can also add more wiper fluid to make it easy to see better through the windshield as you get around.

Check the Car Battery

Your car battery is a key component of your vehicle that keeps it powered. Test it out to determine how much longer it'll last and if it's dying. Car batteries are known to die quicker in the heat, making them an important part of the inspection process as you get ready to travel more. Most car batteries last an average of three to four years before they need to be replaced.

You can contact our service center to get your car the maintenance it needs for your summer travels to ensure you stay safe. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and speak to one of our friendly team members.

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