Owning a new vehicle is a fulfilling experience. All car owners should take pride in their car's appearance, performance and amenities, knowing that their purchase is reliable. If you wish to maintain your vehicle's reliability, it's important to be attentive to the maintenance schedules and recommendations contained in the owner's manual. Here are a few tips to keep your car in dependable shape.

1. Oil Changes

Oil changes need to be done at the recommended interval of every six months. Alternatively, it can be done every 5,000 to 7,000 miles for a more precise maintenance schedule. The oil is vital to keeping the engine well-lubricated and running smoothly. Neglecting oil changes can cause a buildup of sludge that can overheat the engine and result in irreparable damage. It is a good idea to consult the owner's manual for specifics on your particular make and model.

2. Inspection and Rotation of Tires

Tires need to be rotated for even wear patterns. Even wear patterns mean extending the life of your tires, optimizing its capabilities for traction and reducing the strain on your suspension system. Other tire inspection needs include evaluation of proper tire pressure, adequate tire alignment and the evaluation of tire quality such as punctures, cracks or worn tread. For your safety, it is much better to inspect tires and have them replaced rather than experience a flat tire or blow out on the road.

3. Attention to Any Abnormalities

As the driver of your car, you are the one most familiar with how it performs daily. It is wise to pay attention to minor issues and listen to any abnormalities in the overall performance of your vehicle. Also, looking under the car in the driveway or garage will help with the detection of any leaks. Many times this attention to minor details will save you from having to pay considerable expenses.

4. Professional Inspection

Nissan Rogue

To further ensure a vehicle's handling, performance and safety, schedule a professional inspection for a more comprehensive assessment. At our Nissan dealership, we can provide a thorough inspection, such as a multi-point inspection, so that owners will be well-informed of any necessary repairs. If problems are found early enough, you can prevent costly repairs in the long run and have peace of mind, knowing that your car is dependable.

5. Keeping Records

Many owner's manuals have a section where you can record services performed on the vehicle. Doing this is always wise to keep a record of the maintenance the car has received over the course of its lifetime. It will also come in handy if you decide to sell the vehicle. Showing a potential buyer this record attests to the care and attention provided.

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