The new vehicle market can start to feel redundant after a little while. We often see a lot of the same style of vehicles and features. At the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan announced its plans for something they have never taken on before. Their Ariya Concept car is going to be hitting the assembly sometime in the coming year. It is an all-electric model that is equipped with dual electric motors.

It's impressive in acceleration, smoothness of the ride, included safety features and technology. The exterior of the vehicle is very different from any other model on the market, whether you're looking at electric cars, hybrids, or regular gas-powered models. Nissan is taking its vehicle lineup to the next level with this announcement. It's excellent for your budget, it's beneficial for the environment, and it's a vehicle that you'll be able to drive for years to come.

When you first take a look at the outside of the Ariya Concept car, you're not quite sure what you're looking at. This is a vehicle that's unique for many different reasons. For one, the entire vehicle is a bit larger than you would typically see from the electric market. The rear end is very large, with a wing, large taillights, and a high bumper height. On the front end of the Ariya Concept, there are thin LED headlamps and an LED light bar that slides across the side of the vehicle. It looks like a very aerodynamic vehicle, but you'll be convinced this is something that's come from another galaxy. It's a very innovative vehicle.

While you can't head over to Peoria Nissan to purchase an Ariya of your very own, you can stop by to find out more about this concept vehicle. We have a lot of details that we can share with you. We'll keep you in the loop. When the Ariya hits the assembly line, you'll be one of the first to know. In the meantime, we can show you some of the popular Nissan models that we have on our lot right now. There's plenty to choose from if you need a vehicle right now and can't wait for the Ariya to hit the market.

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