Nissan's Intelligent Chair Can Park Itself

Normally we bring you car news from Nissan, but this time we’ve got something different in store. Along with developing tech-savvy vehicles, Nissan also develops other neat technologies that are worth a look. Just recently, the company publicized its new Intelligent Parking Chair, a concept product that is able to steer itself back to a desk or table all on its own. The product was inspired by Nissan’s intelligent park assist technology and it’s pretty cool as you can see in the GIF.

Nissan’s Intelligent Parking Chair is a unique innovation, and while it’s implemented in office spaces in all of the examples provided by Nissan, we can imagine a variety of useful applications for the technology. The chair can move 360 degrees thanks to a special roller at the base. In addition, cameras are placed in the ceiling to create a bird’s eye view that enables the chair’s position and route to destination to be viewed and wirelessly transmitted to the chair. With just a clap of the hands the chairs in the GIF above move into place, creating a more organized office space; where normally a person or persons would manually have to push each chair in to attain a neat appearance.

Nissan hasn’t expressed whether or not it plans to bring the chair to market, but we’ll keep you posted if there are any updates in the future.

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