Goodyear Debuts Electricity Producing Concept Tire

Recently at the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear debuted a bold new concept tire called the BHO3, that’s not only designed to change shape will driving, but also produce electricity in the process. It’s a wildly creative idea that could have many benefits.

Along with showing off some seriously distinctive tread patterns, Goodyear’s BHO3 Concept uses a Triple Tube system that’s located right underneath the rubber. Each tube can be adjusted to enhance performance in different driving conditions. For example, Goodyear says when the middle tube is set to a higher pressure than the outer tubes, the tires perform better in wet conditions and reduce chances of hydroplaning. When all tubes are at max pressure, rolling resistance is decreased, so fuel efficiency is improved. And when the inner tube’s pressure is reduced, a sport setting is engaged.

In addition, the BHO3 Concept tire features embedded thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials, which turn deformation and road generated heat into electricity. Goodyear believes the visionary tire technology could be yet another way to further improve vehicle range on electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf. We’re sure BHO3 won’t be going into production any time soon, but hope Goodyear continues to work on the concept because we’d love to see a more market-ready electricity producing tire at a future auto show.

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