How to Prep Your Car for AZ's Summer Heat

Summer is almost officially here and that means we’re in for scorching hot temps here in Arizona. Living in this particular region of the states presents certain vehicle maintenance issues that drivers should be aware of, especially when summertime comes around. Here are the top car parts you should prep for the season of sunshine.

When driving in hot weather, it’s incredibly important to have properly inflated tires. Under and overinflated tires are much more prone to blow out, especially on really hot asphalt, so check your tire pressure often throughout the season. In addition, if your tires are bald - get them changed! The heat also negatively impacts tires in this case and the last thing you want is to be stranded on a highway when it’s 115 degrees because your tire blew out.

Air Conditioning
Too often, people don’t realize they’re in need of car air conditioning service until hot temperatures hit, so do a check on yours before temperatures get dangerously high. If the air is not running cold, come to us and we’ll take a look at the system.

Engine Oil
Did you bypass your last oil change? Then get one before the midst of summer. Arizona’s heat breaks down the lubricants in oil quicker than in other seasons of the year and once those lubricants are broken down it means that your car’s engine is not protected. Damage to the engine is much more expensive than an oil change, so come in to have your oil changed soon if you’ve been putting it off and save your engine from premature damage.

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