SkyLINK Tech Will Get Your Car Back If It's Stolen

When a vehicle is stolen, chances are far and few that it’ll ever be found and returned to its owner. With hundreds of thousands of vehicles stolen each year, it’s important to financially protect yourself from having your car lifted and MPP SkyLINK Theft Protection can help. Using a state-of-the-art device that’s installed on your car, SkyLINK vehicle location services can track down your vehicle if thieves get to it.

A GPS satellite sends positioning information to the device and coast-to-coast coverage is offered, unlike with some competing location services. An operating center runs day and night, 365 days a year, to help retrieve stolen vehicles, and if on the rare chance your car isn’t located within a certain period of time, you are eligible for financial benefits that can assist you in replacing it.

The GPS/cellular technology used by SkyLINK is incredibly advanced and helps law enforcement agencies track down stolen cars quickly. The service is fully transferable (low transfer fees apply) and there are no additional subscription fees for the entire time that you own your vehicle. If you want to protect your car and significantly increase the likelihood of having it returned to you if stolen, please contact Peoria Nissan to learn more about the MPP SkyLINK Theft Protection service.

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