2016 Nissan Leaf Walk Around

It’s a unique shape, unusual, a little wierd. There’s no grille on the Leaf, just a sloped nose with a hatch over the charging ports. Rising frog-like headlamps trail off almost to the windshield pillars. LED taillights in vertical ribbons flank the tailgate.


The interior is more conventional, although there’s a weird mix of Space Age styling with cheap controls from the Leaf’s economy roots. The parking brake, an old-school pedal, is especially at odds with the car’s image.

The drive selector looks like a mushroom, and the digital displays are dazzling. A two-row instrument panel is clustered behind the steering wheel, with a big screen in the center dash that displays range, maps, energy usage, nearby recharging points, and more. The base model Leaf S offers a smaller display screen.

Sound is an issue in any electric car, because with all the engine noise gone, the other road sounds emerge. The Leaf has its own super-quiet windshield wipers; engineers tried to borrow the wipers from a luxury Infiniti, but even they were too loud.

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