How Nissan Safety Shield Technologies Help Keep you Safe

Nissan Safety Shield Tech

Keeping Nissan Drivers and Passenger Safe

Available in most Nissan models, the Safety Shield Technologies is a package that includes passive and active safety features. The signature suite follows the response, monitor and protect philosophy to keep Nissan drivers and passengers safe on the road.

Enjoy a Confident and Safe Drive in a Nissan Car

Driver Assistance Technologies

The Predictive Forward Collision Warning provides reliable assessments of crash risks on the highway. Sophisticated enough to monitor the speeds of two vehicles that are in front of you, this innovative technology gives you extra time to react to a potential collision. A sudden change in traffic movement is also detected by the Intelligent Cruise Control. If several cars ahead decelerate, the system will attempt to slow down your Nissan at the same deceleration rate. If there's a sudden speed increase in traffic, then the ICC will accelerate your Nissan.

Maximum Braking Power

The Automatic Emergency Braking is perhaps the most notable feature in the Safety Shield Technologies. If you drive too fast behind another car that seems to slow down, the AEB will provide maximum braking power. This accident-avoidance function is available with sensors that look for any moving pedestrians on the road.

Reliable Warning Features

Backing out of a narrow parking space could be challenging, especially when other cars are blocking your peripheral vision. Fortunately, the Intelligent Back-Up Intervention could stop a Nissan that moves in reverse towards another crossing vehicle. The brakes will be automatically engaged to avoid an accident due to limited visibility in a parking lot. Integrated into the corners of the rear bumper, sensors are linked to the Rear Cross Traffic Alert that gives you some time to manually apply the brakes.

Designed to provide additional cues for reverse movement, the Intelligent Around View Monitor is part of the Safety Shield Technologies. Four cameras are synchronized to compile composite views of the perimeter. You can view the 360-degree images on the NissanConnect touch screen. Curbside, overhead and rear views are available with a zoom function. You'll also see colored virtual lines that align the wheels with any markings and other painted indicators on the road. Available in some premium Nissan models, the Intelligent Rear View Mirror includes a digital display that receives videos from a camera in the rear bumper.

Safety Features For Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving significantly increases your risk of an accident, so the Intelligent Driver Alertness technology is available to avoid such trouble on the highway. By analyzing the steering for an extended period of time, the IDA determines if you need to pay more attention. You'll see a flashing indicator of a coffee cup in the instrument panel when the system thinks that you should take a break and refresh.

The Advanced Drive-Assist Display in a Nissan car shows information on the gauge pressure of each tire. You'll know exactly which tire needs to be inflated thanks to the sophisticated TPMS. When you add enough air pressure to the appropriate tires, you'll hear some beeps from the horn as confirmation. Flashing headlights are also activated by the Easy-Fill Tire Alert technology. Part of the Safety Shield Technologies respond design, the Intelligent Auto Headlights turn on the front headlights when outdoor visibility suddenly becomes poor. These smart headlights also come on when the windshield wipers complete several intermittent cycles.

Come to our Nissan dealership to learn more about the safety features that are available in the latest models. You'll find great accident-avoidance technology in the Altima, Maxima, Rogue, Pathfinder and other trims.

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