Nissan LEAF Paint Prank #WorldsCleanestCar

This video’s an oldie but a goodie. Check it out below!

The enclosed clip features the Nissan LEAF in a prank that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Passersby are fooled into thinking that a couple of city workers have accidently thrown paint onto a Nissan LEAF. Little do they know that the EV features a self-cleaning exterior prototyped by Nissan.

There’s shock. There’s anger. Jaws drop and hands are thrown in the air. That is, before people realize that the paint easily washes right off the car. The paint also happens to be watered down, but shocked onlookers don’t seem to notice; and in either case, the LEAF’s super-hydrophobic, self-cleaning exterior does its job of repelling everything that’s thrown at it – including a pickle.

Click play below to see it now.

Will Nissan’s self-cleaning nano-paint technology ever be available? After being promoted back in 2014, press announcements stated that the paint was in testing, but there have been no details since regarding a product release schedule. When the news drops, don’t miss it – subscribe to our blog for dealership and brand updates.

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