Nissan Celebrates National Donut Day

Donuts (or doughnuts) aren’t just fluffy pieces of fried goodness. The term also refers to a driving maneuver in which a car spins around in circles. Combining the two might sound, well, crazy, but Nissan pulled it off in a fun National Donut Day video.

Joining deep-fried, doughy deliciousness, 2,800 pounds of colorful sprinkles and a donut-busting 370Z coupe, Nissan may have released one of the best Donut Day vids ever. The company enlisted drifting legend Chris Forsberg, who spun a 370Z around a studio full of sprinkles, some of which landed on a platter full of freshly glazed donuts.

Pastry decorating has truly never looked so exciting. National Donut Day may be over, but we won’t judge if you have a hankering for some sweet glazed, powdered or jelly-filled donuts after watching this video:

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